A Knoxville Landlord's Guide to Setting Up and Managing a Successful Tenant Portal

A Knoxville Landlord's Guide to Setting Up and Managing a Successful Tenant Portal

About two-thirds of those below the age of 35 live in rental housing. Because this group grew up with the internet, they expect to be able to do most everything on their smartphones.

What types of landlord tools are available for the younger generation? This group of tenants wants a more convenient way to submit rent payments, make maintenance requests, and communicate with the landlord.

Managing tenants can be a breeze when you use the right tools. Keep reading to learn how to set up and manage a tenant portal. This will make life easier for you and enhance the tenant experience.

What Is a Tenant Portal?

A tenant portal is an online personalized account where tenants can access and manage their rentals. Potential tenants can apply online for a spot in a rental property.

They can sign documents and receive notifications. Once in the property, they can use the portal to pay rent and make maintenance requests.

Property Management Software

If you decide to upgrade your tenant experience with a tenant portal, a property manager can guide you to the best property management software program. If you want to research the choices on your own, there are many from which to choose.

You'll want one that is user-friendly and full of must-have rental management features. A great program will add to the total tenant experience.

How Does a Tenant Portal Work?

Tenants can log into their personalized accounts using a smartphone, tablet, or computer. Once they are there, they can handle all business related to their rental account.

In addition to the uses mentioned above, landlords can provide tenants with the lease agreement information on the portal. Tenants will be able to reference this information any time they log into their account. No worries about keeping track of paperwork.

A lease renewal offer comes through the portal as well. If a tenant chooses to move out at the end of the lease, the landlord can schedule a move-out inspection through the portal.

Each tenant sets up an account using a username and password. It adds convenience that keeps tenants happy and more likely to renew a lease.

Managing a Successful Tenant Portal

As a landlord, you'll find that using a tenant portal will be beneficial to you and your tenants. To be successful, alert new renters to the process and send them instructions on using the portal.

Let them know that they can pay rent, access lease terms, communicate with the landlord, and submit maintenance requests.

A property management company can help you implement this technology.

Tenant Portal for Your Rental Business

Utilizing a tenant portal for your rental property allows you to centralize information and enhances efficiency. It's an invaluable resource that helps strengthen the tenant-landlord relationship.

Do you know who can help you set up a tenant portal? We at PMI Knoxville provide our clients with the highest quality property management services. Contact us through our website or by calling 865.973.9696 to set up a consultation. Let us show you what our services can do for you.