Easy Ways to Supercharge Your Real Estate Listings

Easy Ways to Supercharge Your Real Estate Listings

If you're trying to sell your home in Knoxville, TN, you might need a little extra help. After all, cratering demand for homes in the Knoxville region has led to asking prices plummeting 10% in the past year alone. This is a staggering figure that speaks to the dire situation of the market right now.

Although things will likely improve next year as interest rates come back down, it's clear that business-is-usual is not enough to sell your home quickly and for a good price. When selling, your real estate listings are your most important resource.

This is how you reach your target market and paint a picture of a home that your audience can see themselves living in. Here are our expert tips for supercharging your listing to sell your home.

Stage It

Even if you're "only" renting your property out, we recommend that you invest in professional staging. This is a cornerstone of effective real estate marketing.

It involves hiring a professional to furnish, decorate, and arrange your home in a way that ensures maximum appeal to your target audience. Once your home is staged, you can take property photography that will make even the dullest rental look like a five-star show home.

Virtual Walkthrough

It's no longer enough to include a couple of blurry photos of the living room. Finding tenants requires you to enrich your listing with a comprehensive visual run-through of the property.

This means investing in video tours that showcase the full listing, complete with a voiceover explaining the highlights of the property. It means including a 360-degree virtual walkthrough and, for larger properties, making use of drone photography to give a sense of outdoor space and dimensions.

In-Depth Info

In a slow market, people want to make as informed a decision as possible.

It falls on you to provide all of the information a tenant or buyer could possibly need before reaching out to arrange a viewing. The more information you include in your listing, the higher your chances of attracting the attention of the right types of tenants and buyers.

There is no such thing as useless information. Describe all property features in detail. Run through all recent and historic renovations. Provide full descriptions of the neighborhood and local amenities. Leave nothing to chance.

Distribution Networks

Once your listing is in good shape, you need to make sure people actually see it. At the bare minimum, you should be regularly sharing the listing on social media, so that your own network knows what you are offering.

Contact a professional property manager who can publish your listing across different popular realty websites. The further the spread of your listing, the more likely that the right person will find it.

We Create Real Estate Listings That Work

Creating effective real estate listings is easier said than done, especially in this economy. You need to know the market, know the audience, and know your property.

For this, we can help. At PMI Knoxville, we help match property owners with their ideal tenants.

We can create engaging, impactful listings to ensure that the right tenants will come across your property and reach out. Get in touch to find out how we can supercharge your listing.