From Amenities to Maintenance: What Your HOA Fees Actually Pay For

From Amenities to Maintenance: What Your HOA Fees Actually Pay For

According to Axios, Tennessee is home to between 4,000-6,000 HOA communities. Around 10% of the state's population are HOA residents.

HOA living is a dream for some, but the fees can sometimes be a deterrent. When house hunting, it's good practice to inquire about the fees upfront and put that amount into your new home budget.

Have you ever wondered what HOA fees cover? Keep reading as we break down HOA assessments for everything from amenities to maintenance.

What Are HOA Fees?

An HOA fee is the money residents who live in a homeowners association pay for various amenities and maintenance of a community.

These fees are very common in condominium buildings, but many states now have HOA communities comprised of single-family homes.

You can expect to pay between $200 and $300 per month in HOA fees on average.

What Do They Cover?

HOA fees are non-negotiable. Let's take a look at all the things they cover.

Maintaining Common Areas

Every HOA community has common areas like the front entrance and the areas along the roadway. The HOA residents pay for landscaping, grass cutting, snow removal, etc. of those areas.

Pools, Clubhouses, Playgrounds, and Courts

If the community has amenities such as these, part of your HOA dues will go toward their upkeep. Pools need weekly maintenance. Playground equipment is costly. There may be a dog park in the community.

Clubhouses may have exercise equipment, furniture, and a parking lot and may require an employee or two. Tennis courts, basketball courts, and pickleball courts are all great amenities for active residents. HOA dues cover the establishment and maintenance of these courts.

Upkeep and Repairs

Road repairs, tree trimming, sod replacement, painting, removal of trees...all of these fall under HOA management.


Some of the money you pay in monthly dues may go into reserves for unexpected or future costs.

Is your community on the water? A new seawall may come into play in the future. How old is the community pool? It will need resurfacing at some point.

Utilities and Lawn Maintenance

Some communities include things like cable TV, water, sewage, and garbage pickup. Also included might be residential landscaping. One company handles all of the landscaping/ lawn cutting for all the homes in the community.

Association Insurance

Neighborhood HOAs must carry insurance to cover injuries or damage that occurs within common areas of the HOA community.

Anything that the HOA is responsible for maintaining falls into this category. These are things like the pool or the playground. Sometimes the sidewalks come under the HOA, but not always.

Get the Most From Your HOA Fees

Now that you know what your HOA fees will cover, you want to do your due diligence before choosing a neighborhood. Will you use the amenities? Is the HOA management using the funds wisely?

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